Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew 26-07-17

* = NZ
Mothers Of Invention: King Kong (parts I-V)
The Mutton Birds: A Thing Well Made *
Glass Vaults: Mindreader *
Soft Hair: Relaxed Lizard *
The Ruby Suns: Waterslide *
Pop Mechanix: Steve Gilpin *
Waxahatchee: Silver
Verlaines: Death & The Maiden *
Goblin Mix: Coleridge *
Kevin Morby: City Music
The Prophet Hens: All Over The World *
Rostam: Bike Dreams
Wormstar: Whatever Keeps You High *
Hatched Track: Flandiz: Day 3 *
PNC: Slow Motion (feat. Jordache & Tom Scott) *
Average Rap Band: Pizza Man *
Smerz: Oh My My
Smith & Mighty: Brain Scan
Man 2 Man: Night Time Love
Frank Zappa: G-Spot Tornado
The National: Guilty Party
Male Gaze: Tell Me How It Is
Mere Woman: Big Skies
The Instigators: Hope She’s Alright *
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Regal Zone
Friendly Service: Throw Me Outside *
Groeni: Pardons *
Aldous Harding: Blend *
Sandy Edmonds: Come See Me *
Mink: In My Craft Or Sullen Art *
Saskwatch: Then There’s You
Orange: Hindenburg *
French For Rabbits: It Will Be Okay *
Side Steps Quintet: Kuala Lumpur *
Jewels: Devious (Flex Webster Remix) *
Tupperware Remix Party: The Hit (feat. Ninja Sex Party)
Prince: I Would Die 4 U
Thundercat: Captain Stupido
Weezy Ford: Shakey Knees
The Bluestars: Social End Product *
Straitjacket Fits: Hail *
The Mutton Birds: She’s Like A City *
Tranquility Bass: They Came In Peace