Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew 3-05-17

* = NZ

Car Crash Set: Fall From Grace *
Kane Strang: My Smile Is Extinct *
The Clean: Big Cat *
Look Blue Go Purple: Cactus Cat *
Glass Vaults: Beach Blonde *
Stylus77: Do What You Gotta Do *
Coyote: 50 Dollar Feet feat. Milk *
The Underdogs: All My Love *
La De Da’s: Ride Your Pony *
Monte Vidéo: Who’s Calling? *
Pickle Darling: Mouthful *
Silicon: I Can See Paradise *
Alphabethead: 8Bit Buick *
The Rothmans: Omakau *
Bailterspace: No.2 *
Jakob: A Moment From Different Angles *

Hatched Track: Matthew Smith: Weight On My Head *
Melting Faces: Far King Oats *
The Prophet Hens: Easy As The Sun *
NRA: Big Nose *
Dion Lunadon: Fire *
Butt Cowboy: No Show Without Punch *(ish)
The 3Ds: Dreams Of Hergé *
Able Tasmans: Rain In Tulsa *
The Gordons: Adults & Children *
Mermaidens: Lizard *
Death & The Maiden: Bioluminescence *
Grayson Gilmour: Hundred Waters *
APSD: Slow It Down feat. Rikki Gooch & EMRSN *
Billy TK: Dance With the Spirit *
Beastie Boys: Shake Your Rump

Soulwax: Missing Wires
Hollie Smith: Here & Now (feat. Truent) *
Jet Jaguar: Cat Through A Vocoder *
Francis Chanel: I Hate Buses *
Bird Nest Roys: Bus Stop *
La De Da’s: How Is The Air Up There? *
Toy Love: Fast Ostrich *
Teeth: Succubus *
The Fold: Guilt *
Pelorus: Alive *
Myele Manzanza: On The Move *
Jaggers X Lines: Eli I Tried *
The Underdogs: Sittin’ In The Rain *
Electric Wire Hustle: Go Slow *
Eru Dangerspiel: Sambaskool Dropout (Live) *