Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew 30-11-2016


George Clinton: Atomic Dog (Special Atomic Mix)
Blood Orange: E.V.P.
Glass Animals: Season 2 Episode 3
Alex Cameron: Mongrel
The Beatles: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Ultimate Painting: Monday Morning, Somewhere Central
Merk: Treehouse Club *
Features: Here We Come *
Stylus 77: Do What You Gotta Do *
Lizard Scum: The Heart-Shaped Cookies Are Making Me Soft *
Wormstar: Spring Steps *
The Flaming Lips: The Castle
Beach Boys: Surf’s Up

Hatched Track: Garden Burger: Mikey’s Song (No Good Photographs) *
Popol Vuh: Aguirre III
David Bowie: This is Not America
David Bowie: I’m Afraid of Americans
The KLF: America: What Time is Love?
Ennio Morricone: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Brodka: Up in the Hill
Smith: Baby It’s You
Slum Sociable: Name Call
Polo & Brothel: Zeta Reticuli *
Froth: Contact
Mink: In My Craft or Sullen Art *
>Bomb the Bass: 5ml Barrel (feat. Will Self)
Dub Connection: All the Goodness (Jet Jaguar Mix) *

The Nudge: Dark Arts *
Features: What Are You Doing Tonight?*
A Certain Ratio: The Fox
Meiso: 自転者
Animal Collective: Mountain Game
The XX: On Hold
The Monkees: Randy Scouse Git
The Beatles: Blue Jay Way
DD Dumbo: Brother
Laswell / Worrell / Kale: Woo Doo
Blood Orange: You’re Not Good Enough
Lord echo: Just Do you (feat. Mara TK) *
Jakki: Sun… Sun… Sun… (Walter Gibbons 12″ edit)