Wednesday Flow w/ Julian 29-03-17

Bill withers- just the two of us
mamas and the papasd- califoria dreamin
lake south- coast
Rob D-= Clibbed to death
Spoke and  Aguayo- Dirty dancing
Bob marley- sun is shining
Skymining- Fell into place
Iggy pop- the passenger
Sonakay- its a cruel summer
juana molina-Cosoco
Childish Gambini- Redbone
ASA- 360 degrees

Dual – interlude
Ano Pascoe- Broken river
JackLNDN- Dont forget
Hocus pocus- je la soul
she devils- the owrld laughs
Gonjasufi- Your maker
Daughter- youth (love they brother remix)
Probcause- Pale Moonlight
Tom lee richards- what could otherwise be had
Gentleman- them Gone
Dj ironic- Stay with me
little giants- lately
Koji- nothing on you
adult- as you dream
Teme tan- Cava pas tete
most modern jukebox- All about the base

Micheal jackson and james brown- wanna be bstrting something
Tom Odelle- Another love
A ha- take on me
Elan Vital- Dreams
Adeler- pavements remix
frankie valli- greace
tez cadey- serve