Ryuichi Sakamoto + David Sylvian – Forbidden Colours (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, 1983)
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (New Lockdown Version) (Cricket Wife, 2021)
Melanie – What Have They Done To My Song Ma? (Candles In The Rain, 1970)
Laurie Anderson – The Dream Before (Strange Angels, 1989)
Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me (Hounds Of Love, 1985)
Jane Siberry + K.D. Lang – Calling All Angels (Until The End Of The World, 1991)
Liza Minnelli – Losing My Mind (Results, 1989)
Bronski Beat with Marc Almond – I Feel Love (The Age Of Consent, 1984)
Blue Angel – I’m Gonna Be Strong (Blue Angel with Cyndi Lauper, 1980)
Consolidated Goldfields (NZ) – What More Can a Poor Boy Do (Sprinkled With Palaces, 2006)
Queen – Ride The Wild Wind (Innuendo, 1991)
David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away (Blackstar, 2016)
Skeptics (NZ) – Spring (Sensible, 1992)
Fetus Productions (NZ) – What’s Going On (Fetalmania, 1983)
The Associates – Would I… Bounce Back (The Affectionate Punch, 1980)
R.E.M. – Perfect Circle (Murmur, 1983)
Beat Rhythm Fashion (NZ) – Beings Rest Finally (Bring Real Freedom, 2007, from 1981 7″)
Talking Heads – Listening Wind (Remain in Light, 1980)
Boy George – Death Of Samantha (This Is What I Do, 2013)
The Kiwi Animal (NZ) – Fag Piece (Mercy, 1985)
Jean-Claude Vannier + Serge Gainsbourg – Jane Dans La Nuit (Cannabis, 1970)
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) – St Kevin (Horse Power, 2003)
Dear Time’s Waste (NZ) – Head To Toe (Some Kind Of Eden, 2012)
Aldous Harding (NZ) – Heaven Is Empty (Designer, 2019)
Suzanne (NZ) – Yesterday When I Was Young (Stand By Your Man, 1971)
Allison Durbin (NZ) – When I’m Gone (Soft And Soulful, 1969)
Penguin Café Orchestra – Passing Through (Union Cafe, 1993)
Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, 1981)