Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo egipcio

The Blenders – Don’t fuck around with love

The Lovely Eggs – I’m with you

Damaged Bug – Hot Swells

The P-Funk All Stars – Pumpin’ It Up

The Three Suns – Tequila

John Fahey – Dance of death

Cave – Dusty

Faust – Krautrock

Quentin Crisp – Stop the music for a minute

Sun Dial – Reflecter

RP Boo – Wicked’bu

Dillinger – Wam-Pam-Pa-Do

William Colvig & Lou Harrison – Jhala III (from Suite for Violin & American Gamelan)

Soontoon Chairogruen – Rice Farm Girl

Helena Hauff –┬áHyper-intelligent genetically enriched cyborg

Corduroy – The slingbacks solution

Amon Duul II – Yeti Talk To Yogi

White Fence – She Relief

Beak > – RSI

Thought Gang – Logic and common sense

Vivian Stanshall – The question

Sonic Flower – Going Down

Soft Machine – Virtually Part 3

Mike Wexler – Liminal

The Flaming Lips feat. Erykah Badu – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic conversation #9)