Zero Hour 23-08-20 w/ Kneel

Dead Kid Harvester (NZ) – They’re Melting the Easter Bunny
Still House Plants – Shy Song
Closet Fiends – Poppy Flu
Senyawa + Stephen O’Malley – Bintang Gemintang
Noel Meek (NZ) – Mole Rat Ascending
Witcvst (NZ) – Dulliout Nute Sphbelchool in Brious
Wax Chattels (NZ) – In My Mouth
Horror in Clay (NZ) – T.U.X.
Pulled By Magnets – The Immortal Fire
Ov Pain (NZ) – May 68
The Doll (NZ) – Last Year’s Model
Noveller – Zeaxanthin
Lyra Pramuk – Mirror
Laurel Halo – 5
Chrissie Hynde – Naima
The Necks – Lovelock
Julianna Barwick – Healing Is A Miracle
Oona Verse (NZ) – Oona Of The Lick Down
Jockstrap – Acid
Heather Leigh – Take Just A Little
Renick Bell + Fis (NZ) – Algo-Nave
Noel Meek And The Slowest Lift (NZ) – Consulting A Map
Bruce Russell + Luke Wood (NZ) – Etonian
Hog Haul Valentine (NZ) – Shadow
Moor Mother – Letters From Earth
Arca – Riquiqui