Zero Hour w/ Neil J 16-12-18

Mother Gong – Fairy tales​

Optimistic Voices​ – The Wizard Of Oz Film Cast

Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead​ – The Wizard Of Oz Film Cast​​

Feet Like Fins​Cocteau Twins​​Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years

Hapy birthday – Altered images

Go wild in the country

New Water​C – Duncan​​Architect​​​​​​

On Another’s Life / Under Water Whale Knowledge​Estère​​My Design, On Others’ Lives​​​​

Oblivion – ​Grimes​

Lonely Wanderer ​- Panda Bear

Love Is The Sweetest Thing – ​Al Bowlly​

Light My Fire​ – Julie London

Tennessee Waltz​ – Patti Page​

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore​ – The Walker Brothers

Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)​ – The Stranglers​​Black And White​​​​​​

Segue​Andy Fairley​​Play it all back Vol4​​​​​​​

Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding Pt.3​Dub Syndicate​

Pärt: Cantate Domino​Tõnu Kaljuste: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir​Arvo Pärt​The Very Best Of Arvo Pärt

The Show Is Coming​Dub Syndicate​​Tunes From The Missing Channel​​​​​​

Sugar Babe​ – The Youngbloods​

Dark Star [Excerpt] – ​Grateful Dead​

Root Collars​FIS​​From Patterns To Details​​​​​​​

spread the virus​cabaret voltaire​​ red mecca ​

Ya​ZGA​​ Kinderalbum (Detskij Albom)​​​​​​

Bouncer See Bouncer …​Scott Walker​Scott Walker​Tilt​​​​​​

Pīwakawaka Flame Tip​Alistair Fraser, Steve Burridge & Neil Johnstone​​ Shearwater Drift​​​​​​


Jellaba Titara (Marrakesh, Marocco)​Gnaqua De Abdenbi Binizi ​​Illuminated​​​​​​

Catastrophe E​ Midori Takada​​Through the looking glass ​​​​​​​

Qulingiluaat​ Nanook Of The North​​Nanook of the North​​​​​​

Seekers Who Are Lovers​ Cocteau Twins​​Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years

Dissmissed​ Ryuichi Sakamoto ​​Merry Xmas My Lawrence ​​​​​​​

Snowy Night Tale​ – Masayoshi Fujita

Silent Night​ – Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra & Robert Farnon ​Franz Xaver Gruber​ The Man Who Fell To Earth​​​​​

​Neil Johnstone​​ – Whale samples​​​​​​​