Ira Cohen – This Is Real Timing
Locum – 4 Spool Of Excess
Catpower – He Was A Friend Of Mine
Master Tep Mary – from Sleeping Through The Mekong
I,Ludicrous – Things That Happen
Faust – Foam Rubber
Material – Seven Souls
Transmitters – I Fear No-One But My Friends
A L Lloyd – The Banks Of Green Willow
Velocette – Perfume
Robert Wyatt & Boris Grebenshchikov – Stella Maris
Vivien Goldman – Launderette
Neil Young & The Promise Of The Real – Fly By Night Deal
Morrissey – I Bury the Living
Peter Hammill – Milked
A L Lloyd – The Prickly Bush
Master Kong Nai – from Sleeping Through The Mekong
John Fahey – The Dance Of Death
Lankum – What Will We Do When We Have No Money
Ira Cohen – Imagine Jean Cocteau
I,Ludicrous – Roger Dismal
The Melancholy Babes – leg
Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra – Candy Store
Transmitters – Bird In The House
Catpower – Wonderwall