Zero Hour w/ Steve and Rid 16-10-16

2016-10-16 Zero Hour Steve and Rid

Van der Graaf Generator – Aloft
Bob Dylan – A Hard Rains Gonna Fall
Jim Moray – William of Barbary “Upcetera”
Fay Hield – Raggie Taggle Gypsy “Old Adam”
Melt Yourself Down – Listen Out
The Isley Brothers – Lay Lady Lay
Vidhu Prathab – Mazha
Fairport Convention – Fotheringay
Robert Scott – From The Diary Of An Early Settler
Bob Dylan – Chimes of Freedom
Randy Crawford – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
The Magick Heads – When I Kissed The Teacher
Fay Hield – The Hag In The Beck
Van der Graaf Generator – Brought To Book
Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind
Fairport Convention – She Moves Through The Fair
Raappakal – Kadha Kadha Song
Fay Hield – Jack Orion
The Magick Heads – Jock McGhee
Jim Moray – Lord Franklin
Sandy Denny – No End
Van der Graaf Generator – Go