About Us

Radio Active FM limited is wholly owned by The Radio Active Charitable Trust.

The Trustees are:

Ross Steele
Andy Mitchell
John  Pilley
Brigid Connor
Mark  Westerby
Robbie Mulligan
Yadana Saw

We have a listener-ship of  45,000 weekly, plus we have a 75,000 on-line audience via our streaming service per month.

We regularly receive feedback from people tuning in from every corner of the globe. Everybody from Wellington expats to musicians and producers that have experienced our good vibes during their travels!

We’ve got you covered!

With a highly talented pool of over 80 volunteer DJs/Announcers, some of whom have been with the station for over fifteen years, RadioActive.fm is renowned for the wide variety of interesting music that it plays.

The specialist shows throughout the week cater for a truly eclectic range of sub-genres. From African Samba to Swedish Metal – our specialist DJs know their stuff, and cover all bases.

Did you know?

RadioActive.fm began life as the student radio station for Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) in 1977, broadcasting on the AM frequency.

Here’s a few more facts about this cult station:

  • In 1981 ‘Radio Active’ became the first radio station in New Zealand to commence broadcast on the newly available FM frequency.
  • In 1989 VUWSA decided that Radio Active could not make any more losses, and sold the station to Radio Active Ltd, in the hope that the station could become financially viable.
  • In 1997 Radio Active was one of the first radio stations in the world to commence online broadcasting, and we were possibly the first to have a stream available 24/7.