Having Trouble?

Facing difficulties tuning in? Here’s some handy tips to help you get Active!

In The Wellington Region?

If you’re in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, and you can get your hands on a radio – tune your dial into 88.6FM

We made the switch to FM on Feb 22, 1982 – the first station in Wellington, and one of the first in Aotearoa, to do so!

Take your walkman and a picnic and stroll around the Te Ahumairangi loop track, for some outstanding views over the city – and some great reception from our transmitter tower, (until 1993, the site of the Wellington maritime radio station, callsign ZLW – New Zealand’s first (official) radio station)

Out Of Town?

You can reach us from anywhere in the world right here on our website!

You can also listen in from our friends over at TuneIn, or Apple Music – perfect for mobile devices, or home assistants!

Extras For Experts!

Feeling a little adventurous? You can also download our playlist file to load into a media player of your choice!
Playing RadioActive through a crazy setup? Let us know!

Still stuck? Flick us an email on support@radioactive.fm and we’ll help you out!