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Counting down the hottest tracks on Active right now, your favourites and our favourites, everybodies favourites.

Hosted by Harri Robinson, and proudly brought to you by

Just like a mixed box of chocolates, with carob in there too, so there is the song for everyone inside the pick & mix… no fighting over the Turkish Delight…

The TOP 11 – so much concentrated good music that a normal radio would explode, but you like Radioactive, and if you radio was going to blow up, it would have done so by now…

Harri Robinson likes playing tunes, no matter what genre or style. She is the current host of the Monday Drive, 4-7pm on Monday nights, including Ladies Hour between 5-6pm; she is also the host of the Top 11 speciality show. When not hosting shows, Harri is finishing her Bachelor of Commercial Music at Massey University, and working around the music scene throughout New Zealand. She has previously worked consulting on and writing for various different projects, like For the Maui, 121, Dust.Supply, Coup De Main magazine, Salient Music and What’s Good’s music section.
She enjoys the double-life of an old-woman in disguise; when not out-and-about, you can find her cooking, knitting or doing anything cat-related. Top 11 23-01-19

Ollie Hutton hosts the weekly Top 11! Thanks to NZ On Air Music.

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Ollie Hutton presents the weekly Top 11, with thanks to NZ On Air Music.


The Radioactive Top 11 : 06/12/18

01. Bailey Wiley feat. MeloDownz (NZ) Sugar 02. Earth Tongue (NZ) The Well Of Pristine Order 03. Vera Ellen (NZ) – Betty Mary Alice 04. Mmdelai (NZ) Fast Fire 05. Little Lapin (NZ) Good Time Boy 06. Tiny Ruins (NZ) School of Design 07. Yoko Zuna & MeloDownz (NZ) Take Me To Your Leader 08. Princess Chelsea (NZ) Respect the Labourers 09. […]


The Radioactive Top 11 : 07/11/18

01. Orchestra of Spheres (NZ) Koudede 02. Ladi6 (NZ) Diagonals 03. Tiny Ruins (NZ) Olympic Girls  04. Pacific Heights (NZ) The End Is In Sight ft Joe Dukie 05. Ghostnaut x Raw Collective (NZ) Tribes feat Jinz Moss & Raw Deezy 06. Princess Chelsea (NZ) Respect the Labourers 07. The Joint Chiefs (NZ) Karate Kid Pose 08. Little Lapin (NZ) Good Time Boy 09. Embedded Figures (NZ) St Kilda 10. Estère (NZ) Tokoloshe (feat. Raiza Biza) 11. DEAF (NZ) Dead End […]


The Radioactive Top 11 : 31/10/18

01. Orchestra of Spheres (NZ) Koudede 02. Ghostnaut x Raw Collective (NZ) Tribes feat Jinz Moss & Raw Deezy 03. The Joint Chiefs (NZ) Karate Kid Pose  04. Estère (NZ) Tokoloshe (feat. Raiza Biza) 05. Little Lapin (NZ) Good Time Boy 06. Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) Old Images 07. Tiny Ruins (NZ) Olympic Girls 08. DOG Power (NZ) Not Human 09. Pacific Heights (NZ) The End Is In Sight ft Joe Dukie 10. Mixed vege (NZ) Take Take Take 11. Ladi6 (NZ) […]


The Radioactive Top 11 : 10/10/18

01. The Melancholies (NZ) Cute Aggression 02. Estère (NZ) Tokoloshe (feat. Raiza Biza) 03. The Spectre Collective (NZ) The Pandemonium Manifesto  04. DOG Power (NZ) Not Human 05. Hallelujah Picassos (NZ) Voices of One 06. Power Nap (NZ) Being Cool is E.Z 07. Reuben Hudson (NZ) Unreachable 08. T. G. Shand (NZ) Girls 09. Plaines (NZ) Knuckles 10. Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) Old Images 11. Bad Sav (NZ) Hen’s Teeth HIT PICK Orchestra of Spheres (NZ) – Koudele ARCHIVE TOP […]