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The Radio Active Charitable Trust

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We’re happy to accept most donations of audio & video equipment to continue our support of local artists both on air and online, through our audio content, and through our Active Live sessions.

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I’m supporting RadioActive.FM through a monthly subscription, can I cancel it?:
Sure thing! Flick an email over to and we’ll get your donation cancelled before the next month rolls over.

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No worries, email and we’ll walk you though either increasing or decreasing your donation amount!

Can I apply for a charitable donation tax credit?
Of course! All donations to The Radio Active Charitable trust qualify for the charitable donations tax credit – reach out to if you require a receipt of your donation.

Can I donate my time?
We’re always happy to hear from anyone who wants to donate their time to RadioActive.FM!
Head on over to and enter your details – we often receive more volunteer applicants than we can handle, but hang in there! We’ll try and get in touch if we can find a task that suits your skills and interests!

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