Monday 11pm – 1am

Once upon a time, in the shadow of the horns…

ANGER MANAGEMENT is Active’s heavy and dark music show, appropriately positioned in a 11pm-1am timeslot to include the witching hour.

Originally briefly called The Wild Wild Rock Show, Anger Management dates back to early 1997. At that time the music selection tended toward dirty lo-fi rock, but moved into the metal territory when Alex took over as the show coordinator.

18 years later the show covers the length of the spectrum from hard rock to the most extreme metal, with side trips to various flavours of goth, punk, experimental, and old school. Always flying the flag for plenty of kiwi content.

Your dark hearted hosts are:

Nightmare 666 – Practically born into DJ booths and studios, bringer of black metal and other dark delights. Don’t fall asleep. You have been warned.

Motörmöuth – Experienced in radio and writing about music, bringer of just about everything you can damn well think of, so expect a different theme every show.

Retro – Our very recognisable and newest recruit, who visually fits right into an early 80’s Motorhead lineup but will pummel your ears with much more…

Witchfinder General – A face for radio, flying the flag for melodic & traditional metal, stoner, doom, classic hard rock, and clean vocals.

Adam – Officially retired but still heard on occasion, bringer of brutal death metal and other extreme tunes.

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