It’s time for the 2024 NZ Fringe Festival!
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Today, we’re talking “Celebrity Trevor Island”
Trevor and his farmhand having been working together for years, but Trev is sick of them! They never do things the way that Trev wants them done, and their blooming positive attitude makes Trev nauseous.

So, Trev is holding open try-outs to replace them, and a cracking team of improvisors are here to try their hand at farm handing – but things aren’t quite as they seem on Trev’s farm. Sheep are whip-smart and deadly, cows need thorough seduction before you can milk them, and someone needs to do something about the possums.

Watch the would-be farmhands do their best to impress Trev in this Taskmaster meets Treasure Island meets America’s Next Top Model meets A&P Show extravaganza!