minami deutsch – still foggy
the free association syndicate – the hitchhiker’s thumb
surprise chef – a1 bakery pledge of allegiance
ghost power – panic in the isles of splendour
tom caruana – long hot summer
guido and maurizio de angelis – the other face
the braz gonsalves 7 – raga rock
badbadnotgood feat. laraaji – unfolding (momentum 73)
buddy collette – jungle pipe
kenyon hopkins – let me out
yusef lateef – the plum blossom
uakti – arabesque
badbadnotgood feat. arthur verocai – beside april
sven wunder – blanket fog descends
shane cooper – static (movement 3)
binder quintet – vasvirag
sven wunder – jazz at night
kronos quartet – tashweesh
los royal’s de pucalipa – descarga royal
gene rains and his group – tangi tahiti (the call of tahiti)
charif megarbane – commencer la bas
the movers – gig soul party
surprise chef – together again
diminished men – ae
the free association syndicate – calmly narrated tragedies
tom caruana – dirty fox
surprise chef – winter’s theme
max ox – seat 7b
rainbow generator – quiblings query
bob kelly – beepin’ squeel
the new bangs – go go kitty
gianni ferrio – l.s.d. atmosphere