DJ Shadow – Reflecting Pool
Fat Freddys Drop (NZ) – Silver and Gold
Femme Deadly Venoms – Bars
Lady Shaka (NZ) – E Tu
Lost Tribe Aotearoa (NZ) – Badman
Tami Neilson (NZ) – Woo Hoo
John Rae and Ben Wilcock – Splendid Isolation
Vase – Ache
The Pleasure Majenta (NZ) – Swan Song
Hex (NZ) – Jazzstep
Juno Is (DN) – I’m Situated In The Sun

Taylah (WLG) – Graphic

chat with Taylah re new single ‘Today Is Hard’
Taylah (NZ) – Today Is Hard
UHP (WLG) – Patua Te Pawhera
Tami Neilson – Roimata / Cry Myself To Sleep

Spoken Symphonies with Nadia Freeman
-Tom Waits – Franks Wild Years
-Sylvan Springs (NZ) – Intrusive Thoughts (Sexy Tui)

Bryn van Vliet (NZ) – Wide Wide Moon
Solomon Crook (NZ) – Morning
Nadia Reid (NZ) – I Will Never Cut My Ties (v2)

Casual Healing (NZ) – Driftwood

Chat with Nikau Te Huki re. debut LP ‘Driftwood’

Casual Healing (WLG) – Up and Down
Hasji (NZ) – Hasji Meets Samara Alofa Harbourside
activity guide; Sly5th Ave – various
Ria Hall (NZ) – Black Light (feat. Mara TK)
Raw Collective (NZ) – Good Things (All We Need)