The Late Late Breakfast Show w/ Coda & Jen Kyle

Sly and Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvaer – Norwegian Sword Fish feat Vladislav Delay
Little People – Basique
Aim – Cold Water Music
Tom Ludvigson and Graeme Gash – Uallang Jnr
KAMALA – Les Imbeciles Dansent
Jet Jaguar – It’s Happening Again
Esoteric Sob – Vintage Love
Coobe – Dreams
Talking Heads – Slippery People
Dope Lemon – Salt and Pepper
The Pharcyde feat Rae and Christian – Let It Go (Regrind 09)
Lake Turner, WEM, Hand – East County Lines
Yoruba Singers – Abiola
Space Cats – Ukhamba
Scientist – Body and Soul (Remix)
Against All Logic – Now U Got Me Hooked
Propellerheads – Winning Style
Blair French – Genes (Loose Fit)
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up
Dennis Coffey and The Detroit Guitar Band – Getting It On
The Leaders – (It’s a) Rat Race
Ella Fitzgerald – Get Ready (Soul Flip edit)
LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
New Order – People on the High Line
Happy Mondays – Step On (Twistin’ My Melon mix)
Electric Mind – Can We Go (Extended Original version)
JKriv – Aguaxire
Azari and Ill – Wreckless (With Your Love) Tiga remix)
Deee-lite – What is Love? (Rainbow Bread mix)
Amtrac – Piano Boy