The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 10-04-2024

NZ = *

Yellow Magic Orchestra: The End Of Asia (Live)
Rettward Von Doernberg: A Military Base
Vasili: Eudaimonia *
Wai: Tirama *
Mokotron: Decolonize Existence (Big Fat Raro Remix) *
Pet Shop Boys: The Samurai In Autumn
Tyson Smith: Twist Through Time *
Death & The Maiden: Speed Of Sound *
David Bowie: Speed Of Life
Work: Votes *
The Bangles: The Real World
Dartz: Paradise *
Verlaines: Doomsday *
Toy Love: Fast Ostrich *
DJ Shadow: Witches Vs. Warlocks

Hatched Track: Emilie x Young Gho$t: Way That I Roll (Hound Remix) *
Yellow Magic Orchestra: Rap Phenomena / ラップ現象
Geneva AM: T(M)²I *
Jonathan Bree: We’ll All Be Forgotten *
Zaine Griff: Flowers (Feat. Kate Bush) *
King Sweeties: Lydia *
Mermaidens: Highly Strung *
Wukong The Monkey King 悟空: Drowning / 淹没 *
Subset BC: Plains *
Hoihoi: Mauri Tū *
Family Band: Large Dirt Piles *
Ringlets: Snitch Olympics *
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Spellbound
The Tacks: Cannonball *
Earth Tongue: Bodies Dissolve Tonight! *
Liquid Liquid: Cavern

Yellow Magic Orchestra: Focus
Luke Buda: Candy *
Mokotron: Tatau O Te Pō (Hasji Remix) *
Te KuraHuia: Galactic Manafestor *
Lady Shaka: E Tū *
Clear Path Ensemble: Tennis Ball *
Yussef Dayes: Malibu
Chelsea Carmichael: Bone And Soil
Jonathan Bree: Steel And Glass *
A.C. Freazy: Drip Dry Eyes *
Haruomi Hosono: Sports Men
Mazbou Q: CLRS *
Moe And Ghosts: Ginga
Pet Shop Boys: Forever In Love