Sunday, 2-4PM

Shady has been broadcasting Americana over the Wellington airwaves since 1993, back when it was called “The Western Beat show”, beaming out of the University grounds!
There he had the great joy of interviewing Steve Earle, Calexico, Tony Jo White, OCMS, and many, many more!
(He’s previously run a record shop in the ’70’s, worked at RCA Melbourne, been arrested alongside Iggy Pop, and had Birthday parties featuring Nick Cave, and Barry Saunders – so you could say he knows a bit about the scene…!)

The Americana show was voted The Best Radio Show by Capital Times some time ago and has a dedicated international following via

On rotation with Shady are Golden Handshake (Steve Hinderwell), (who can be found groaning about the latest album at Slow Boat Records during the day), and Miss Juliet – both of whom have been spinning Sunday afternoons for over ten years.

You can find anything and everything country on The Americana Show – from Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Emmylou – through to new acts that are both local and international.

For the sake of the song.