Monday, 9-11PM

The Indie Show has been around for more years than anyone can remember…

What we do remember is that we are four DJs who are committed to searching out the best in indie to treat your ears with every Monday night at 9pm.

The concept of indie as a genre is notoriously hard to define, but to us it means great music we love that is slightly, and sometimes massively, off the beaten track.

We rotate our four DJs (Gavin, James, Shane, and Jim-alternating-with-Zak) each week, and each one of us tries to bring you something different than the others.
There are no rules about what we play on the Indie Show, it just has to be music we truly love and want you to hear too.

If one person tunes in and hears something that they love and haven’t heard before, that’s our job done.